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  • 1.  Avaya System Manager and it's Syslogs

    Posted 07-07-2022 04:28 PM

    Hello -

    So I am exploring some logging options on various Avaya systems... started with Avaya CM, and it's pretty straight forward and has a lot of info it can spit out of a Syslog, and we will totally find this helpful (Especially trying to track down who changed what 6 months ago).

    So I moved to the System Manager, and I am finding that it's not as verbose and/or easy to setup, and I was wondering if anyone else has setup Syslogging on SMGR, and if so, what are you using it for? I also noticed Avaya documents are really lax on Syslogging, and very basic on the SMGR, not much to go on there.

    Just trying to get a better understanding of what SMGR uses Syslog for, and if it will be any benefit to us.


    James Davis
    Voice and Data Lead Engineer
    University of Nebraska Medical Center
    Omaha NE

  • 2.  RE: Avaya System Manager and it's Syslogs

    Posted 07-11-2022 03:19 PM

    Hi James,

    I'm not going to be able to provide a lot of detail but...


    My understanding is that if you have an Avaya SAL GW and your Avaya Aura servers/applications (I.e. SMGR, CM, etc.) are "registered" to your SAL GW then your internal Syslog archive server (I.e. Splunk, Sensage, etc.) call pull the syslogs from the SAL GW and thereby get the syslogs from any Avaya Server/Application that is setup to contribute their syslogs to the SAL GW <or> I believe you can setup your SAL GW to send the syslogs to your syslog archiver.


    From what I recall there are 3 log files that will be available as follows:




    I hope that helps and gives you a direction to go in. ��




    Tim P Moore | Voice Systems Architect

    Glendale, AZ 85304

    o 651.419.8696 | c 602.705.3022


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  • 3.  RE: Avaya System Manager and it's Syslogs

    Posted 07-28-2022 09:20 AM
    Hi James,
    I just wanted to share some experience with SMGR system logs.
    Perhaps this is of interest to members.
    I looked through the system logs on the SMGR to understand the reason for
    - the slowdown of the server,
    - the unavailability of the WEB interface,
    - the failure of the synchronization of the SMGR - AD.

    Collecting logs (collectLogs -db), folder swlibrary.
    Some needed messages, secure log and UserShell.log also can be found in /var/log/.
    We usually collect such logs to send to Avaya as part of solving cases.
    But often deal with the logs in parallel with the Avaya engineer and Tier-4.
    The below error reported at the LDAP request and caused the AD job fail:

    Dec 20 11:23:19 DSE[DSE]: +05:00 2021 721 1 com.avaya.mgmt.dse |
    0 Unable to get LDAPContext>
    - javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: [LDAP: error code 32 - 0000208D:
    NameErr: DSID-03100241, problem 2001 (NO_OBJECT), data 0

    Having problems on SMGR we use the command to check status of jboss:
    service jboss status
    Sometimes I found that jboss crashed.
    The logs below tell us the reason - because of out of memory.
    This is not a joke, you can have 100 000 users.

    Dec 25 17:09:21 SMGR-01 kernel: +05:00 2021 945 1 com.avaya.mgmt | 0 Out of memory:
    Kill process 10561 (java) score 499 or sacrifice child

    So service jboss restart command needed.

    Ruslan Makrushin
    Forum Moderator
    Senior System Administrator
    Rostelecom Digital Technologies

  • 4.  RE: Avaya System Manager and it's Syslogs

    Posted 07-28-2022 10:30 AM

    Thank you both Ruslan and Timothy for your responses...

    I do have a follow up question... so not meaning to compare CM to SM(GR), but we are very familiar with the CM's Syslogging capability, and today we have it dumping specific logs to a collector for storage and analysis (if need be). This process for CM is very straight forward, and easy to setup.

    Moving to SM(GR) the process looks a bit more complex if not convoluted. So in both of your responses it sounds like you all are consuming the logs directly off the server/directory. Does SM(GR) not have a way to push logs to a collector? That is the part I am really trying to get at - How to get SM(GR) to push logs to the same collector we are using for CM (Also which logs and data to send), so we can store and analyze the data, we are not really looking to have some sort of Sync/Pull but rather a Push (Hope that makes sense).

    James Davis
    Voice and Data Lead Engineer
    University of Nebraska Medical Center
    Omaha NE