Speaker FAQ

Deadlines at a Glance:

  • Call for Speakers Reopens: Mid-May 2021
  • Draft Submission Deadline: June 23, 2021
    • NEW OPPORTUNITY: Submit your presentation for committee feedback BEFORE your final submission is due!
  • Final Submission Deadline: August 13, 2021
  • Acceptance/Declination Emails to Selected Speakers: September 2021
  • Speaker Orientation: November 3, 2021
  • Draft Presentation Deadline: November 5, 2021
  • Final Presentation Deadline: November 26, 2021

When is Avaya ENGAGE® 2021?
Avaya ENGAGE® 2021 has been rescheduled from June 6-9, 2021 to December 12-15, 2021 due to COVID-19.

What if I already submitted a session?
If you have already submitted a session for Avaya ENGAGE® 2021, do not worry! Your submission will remain in the speaker submission portal until the submission portal closes August 13, 2021. 

You will be able to make updates to your current submission or resubmit a new presentation when the portal reopens and call for content relaunches mid-May 2021 and can continue to make changes and resubmit until August 13, 2021

If you choose to keep the same content you have already submitted, then it will remain in there until the call for content closes.

What if my session content will no longer be relevant in December?
We'd love to work with you to find an exciting way to repurpose your content! We have several options for repurposing including blogs, podcasts, YouTube videos, and webcasts. Contact us at speakers@iaug.org to determine the best course for your session!

If you would like to still use your content for December but just make updates, you can do so in your speaker portal starting early May 2021.

Do I have to make updates or resubmit my session if I already submitted it or received feedback?
No! If you choose to not resubmit or make updates that is fine - just please remember that no more feedback or reviews will be provided until the new deadlines come around. 

You can leave whatever you have already submitted in the submission portal for the final submission deadline & reviews without touching it. 

How many speaking slots are available? 
Due to COVID-19 and social distancing protocols, we will be selecting around 85-100 speaking slots compared to the amount we have selected in the past. We highly encourage you to select other opportunities upon submitting that you may be interested in sharing your content with if you are not selected (i.e. webcasts, blogs, podcasts, etc.)

Will Avaya ENGAGE® 2021 be a hybrid event? 
Yes! Avaya ENGAGE® 2021 will have both an on-site and a virtual component. 

What are the different types of sessions? 
There are two main types of sessions that have open speaking opportunities at Avaya ENGAGE®: Breakout sessions are 60-minutes and Avaya Roadmap Sessions are 90-minutes. 

We are also always open to the idea of innovative talks, lightning rounds, and panel sessions. Submitters should be very explicit in their submission as to the type of session they are suggesting. Detail is important. 

Will sessions be live streamed or pre-recorded for virtual attendees to experience? 
Avaya ENGAGE’s virtual component will be a mixed experience of pre-recorded and live streamed content.

Content will be limited compared to the on-site agenda.

If I am a selected speaker, will my session need to be pre-recorded? 
If your session is selected for the virtual component, it will need to be pre-recorded. This will allow for our virtual attendees to have access to the great content delivered at Avaya ENGAGE® 2021. 
Please note that your presentation will need to be on the Avaya ENGAGE® 2021 PowerPoint template and your MP4 file of your session will need to be recorded on the platform provided. All this will be in your speaker portal for further details.

How are sessions selected? 
A first-level review by the Conference Planning Committee, compiled of Avaya product experts and customers, occurs for all submissions. There will be a draft submission deadline where you can submit your presentation to be reviewed by the Conference Planning Committee for feedback PRIOR to the final submission deadline date, August 13, 2021. This will allow submitter's the opportunity to make edits to their submissions and resubmit for a better chance at being chosen. 

The draft submission review process will be the same as the final submission review process. Round 1 reviewers, compiled of Avaya Product Experts and our Member Education Advocacy Committee will review your submissions and will be able to provide you feedback. You will submit your draft submission through your speaker portal into the “Draft Submission” area and the reviewers will review and provide feedback to you, through your speaker portal.

The final review process will be as normal – you will submit your final submission through your speaker portal in the “Final Submission” area. The submissions will go through another round of review (or 2) on all final submissions. You will be notified if your submission has been accepted or declined.

 We are tasked with creating a program filled with content that will be compelling, interesting, fresh, and actionable for attendees of Avaya ENGAGE®. We look for innovative formats, complete submissions, and unique perspectives. Submissions should not be repeats of presentations made elsewhere and anything that even smells a little bit like a sales pitch will not make it through the review process. 

How do I increase my odds of getting selected? 

Each year we receive more submissions than we can accept. While there are some repeat presenters, we do seek to ensure that the content is always relevant, compelling, and educational. 

This year, we are trying to help you increase your odds of being selected by offering a draft submission deadline (June 23, 2021). Take advantage of the opportunity to submit your presentation 4 weeks before the final submissions are due, to receive feedback from the Conference Planning Committee and make edits to your submission before the final submission deadline.  

Submission content should be well- thought out, complete, and unique. Tell your story – have you gone through an upgrade recently? What was your experience? Have a case study you want to share? We want to hear about it! Do not shy away from lively discussion—this is a forum for industry collaboration, and debates and out-of-the-box thinking are appreciated. Challenge the audience with unconventional thinking. 

If you are a business partner submitting, consider including an Avaya Customer in your presentation if it makes sense. 

Please note that we are planning conference for a smaller footprint and because of that, we will be selecting fewer sessions than we have in past years. 

What are the main reasons sessions don’t get selected? 
Believe it or not, the #1 reason is incomplete submissions—the session detail portion of the submission is the most important piece of the entire submission. Sales pitches are also extremely easy to spot, and we are quick to eliminate them from consideration.  

We also get a lot of very similar submissions, with a limited number of sessions we can select we try to select the sessions and the presenters that we think best address the topic. And remember: Incomplete session submissions typically do not make the cut – make sure your submission has a well-thought-out title, abstract/description so that our reviewing team can have as much insight and detail as possible into your submission.  

Please note that past presenters who have been poorly evaluated by attendees will not be accepted.  

What are the tracks?

For Avaya ENGAGE® 2021, we have decreased our track variety from 8 to 4. Our goal is to streamline tracks and more strategically use tags to better tailor the attendee experience. Our tracks are intended to drive attendees to content based on high-level interest/needs.

Contact Center (Customer Experience)

Unified Communications (Team Engagement)

Professional Development



Under the tracks is where the subtracks or tags will fall. These are intended to drive attendees to content based on more specific applications and/or focus areas for each track:


AI, APIs & Innovation
Customer Journey
Digital Transformation
Digital Workplace
Work from Anywhere


 How do I determine what the Technical Level of my content is?  

Please use this scale below: 

100 – Survey of the topic for an attendee who knows nothing about the subject, or is just interested in getting a high-level overview  

200 – Topic is for people who are familiar with the subject, but don’t have in-depth knowledge.  These would be beginner sessions, but can include some technical content  

300 – Topic is for people who already have a good understanding of the subject.  These would be more in-depth sessions and would usually include live-demos, technical slides and configuration examples.  

400 – Topic is deeply technical and targeted to people who have a solid understanding of the subject.  This would be in-depth, and typically narrower topic, and should include technical content, configuration examples, live demos and technical take-aways.  

Multilevel – Topic may fall under a level that is both a beginner session and more in-depth, but one level is a more major focus while the other is minor focused.

What resources does Avaya ENGAGE® offer to speakers? 
We take great pride in creating a solid peer-to-peer educational offering. Our conferences provide you with the opportunity to network, connect, and collaborate with your peers in a setting unlike any other. Use this opportunity not only to share your own stories of success and challenges you’ve faced and overcome but also to inspire others who are currently in your same position. 

Only PRIMARY speakers will be provided with a full conference pass. 

How are session details determined?  

Session details are determined by our Conference Planning Committee who spends an entire day strategically choosing and placing sessions where they will be best received by the conference audience.  Our committee does their best to make sure tracks are not competing with other tracks (EX: 1-2 AI sessions against 5 Customer Experience Sessions and 5 Team Collaboration Sessions). They also try to make sure there are not multiple of the same topic in each track.  

Session details such as the date, time and room number of your session are subject to change leading up to the event. Please make sure to regularly check your speaker portal to view ALL of your session details.   

 How do I submit my proposal to become a speaker? 
To begin your conference submission click here.  If you have not submitted a proposal in the last year you will need to create an account (please follow the directions on the submission website). Please note this is a separate website from iaug.org thus your IAUG member information will not work.  If you submitted for Avaya ENGAGE® 2021, you can utilize your same speaker login. Instructions on how to reset your password can be found on the speaker’s portal or please reach out to speakers@iaug.org.

If you haven’t yet submitted your session abstract for review, please keep in mind these helpful tips: 

  1. Focus on 1-2 key product components you would like to highlight 
  2. Describe what product gap exists and how your presentation fills the gap. Ask yourself “how will I verbalize to the audience how to fill the gap”.  
  3. Remember to set the stage.