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  • 1.  Looping in Vectors

    Posted 03-28-2022 02:50 PM
    Edited by Daniel Fabrizio 03-28-2022 03:03 PM
    Is it possible to loop specific sections of a vector (for a designated number of loops)?

    In the scenario I'm working with (below), I am trying to program the vector to repeat steps 16-24 once, then proceed to step 25 if no option is selected after the second iteration (second time the caller hears the options in the announcement in step 16).

    Or, as a more general example: If (caller does not input digits), repeat menu once. If (caller does not input digits after repeating menu one time), then (go to step X).

    Thank you,

    Daniel Fabrizio
    Telecom Analyst
    Maimonides Medical Center
    Brooklyn NY

  • 2.  RE: Looping in Vectors

    Posted 03-29-2022 03:41 AM
    Hi Daniel,
    If you have the variables in Vectors feature enabled on your system, you could use a variable to "count" the times the caller loops through the "collect 1 digits" section.


    Create a "Local" variable entry:-

    Var   Description                      Type      Scope      Length      Start      Assignment     VAC
    P      Call Loop Count              collect     L             1               1

    The below will reset the variable to zero.

    04 # Reset variable P value to zero
    05 set P = none ADD none

    Then you input the below steps to "count" or increment the variable P (or whatever variable you use), depending on how many times you wish to loop.

    08 # Check variable P value and route to next options after 1 loop
    09 goto step XX if P = 1
    10 # Set variable P to count loop passes
    11 set P = P ADD 1
    12 goto step XX if unconditionally

    The "goto step XX if P = 1" will then jump to where you want it to go, after one loop.
    The "goto step XX if unconditionally" will send the caller back to the collect 1 digits step (below "05 set P = none ADD none")

    ** The above steps are for illustration only so you would need to input these lines in the appropriate steps within your current Vector **

    Hope this helps.

    John Holmes
    Senior Network Engineer - Voice
    Yorkshire Water

  • 3.  RE: Looping in Vectors

    Posted 03-29-2022 01:05 PM
    Thank you, John! This is very helpful.

    Daniel Fabrizio
    Telecom Analyst
    Maimonides Medical Center
    Brooklyn NY