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Avaya Automation (MAC) as well as Documentation/Database of all connections

  • 1.  Avaya Automation (MAC) as well as Documentation/Database of all connections

    Posted 04-14-2022 12:11 PM
    Hello -

    I am wondering if anyone here has already gone down this road, and could share your experiences, and things to consider when doing this. To set the stage about our environment, we have both CM and SM in, and we are a hybrid environment right now of Legacy TDM, H.323, and will be moving to SIP Phones. 

    Our organization is really pushing for Automation, and for Telecom it will come in a couple of flavors:

    1. When a new person is onboarded and/or someone leaves, there is an ask to be able to auto provision/auto remove from Avaya Systems. They also want the system to help automate MACs as well.

    2. There is also an ask to also have a in-depth database of all Telecom connections. We currently have a home grown system, but it's long in the tooth, and needs to be retired. The system we have contains names, extensions, ports connected, wiring information, and other details about the extension that we find useful. It also houses the information required for our E911 system and internal billing systems as well.

    So the questions I have are:

    1. Who all in the IAUG is using automation for their Avaya system? Does that system also cover SIP Phones? How do you like it (Does it work well)?

    2. Does the system you use also contain a connection database with name/location/port/customized fields, we we could replace our current system, and adapt it to the connections we currently have (E911, billing, etc.).

    All input is welcome here, just trying to get an idea of how other enterprises are handling both the automation of MACs as well as the documentation/database of all the connections, and gather ideas as to where we need to be heading.

    James Davis
    Voice and Data Senior Engineer
    University of Nebraska Medical Center
    Omaha NE