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Amcom and AACC with 3905 phones

  • 1.  Amcom and AACC with 3905 phones

    Posted 10-21-2013 07:49 AM

    Recently replaced our old 2250 consoles with 3905 phones on AACC.  We are having problems with Amcom and phones "loosing their connection".  A call presents to the phone, but does not present to Amcom.  My 1st thought was that this was an Amcom issue.  However, this morning, I saw an operator answer a call and attempt to transfer from Amcom.  She could not get the "transfer box" to come up.  She then attempted to transfer the call from her phone.  She pressed the transfer key, was prompted to enter the number to transfer to, which she did, but the connect option never appeard on her phone.  Anyone else out there with a similar issue?