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  • 1.  Split/Skill optimisation

    Posted 10-29-2015 07:25 AM

    Hello All,

    I am a self-taught, problem-driven learner of CMS.  I am the Metrics-guy in my contact center.  I generate lots of reports pulling in from CMS, Cacti-observer, and a proprietary solution for ticket tracking for my management team.

    Recently the Director asked me to work on making changed to Split/Skills of an agent to reduce AVAIL time, and minimze wait time for the in-bound calls.

    We are 3000 calls /day on a typical high end, there are 13 skills among our 100 staff.  Many staff have multiple skills.

    Initially I am focusing on the 2-4 largest groups.  I need to understand the way the ACD occurs, and different models available?  The current model is Skill1 is level 1 for ALL agents with that skill.  And the distro model is level based.  I know there is Need based, percentage, and Level.  But I can't wrap my head around the differences, and the logical model of call handling.  Any resources... sites... or anecdotes would be appreciated. I am working with my Director to join the local chapter (NY-Metro, as I'm in Albany, NY), as the company doesn't have a support system for a CC internally, the current support is the guy that sets-up the PBX et all, I am working with him but I wanted to ask others in the field as well.

    Thank you all!!

  • 2.  RE: Split/Skill optimisation

    Posted 10-29-2015 12:00 PM

    you can route calls depending on

    a) most idle agent with highest skill level (ead)

    b) most idle agent without skill level dependency (mia)

    in your case (every agent has same skill level) you don't make use if a, because cc elite can't differ the skill levels.

    we ourselves use 1st skill for 1st-level-support and differ within this agent group by skill level, for each skill, which agents is most suitable for a topic. the 2nd skill is our 2nd-level is only involved under special circumstances, whereas 3rd-skill is used as overflow skill, so that from a very large agent group someone can answer the call.




  • 3.  RE: Split/Skill optimisation

    Posted 10-29-2015 01:03 PM

    Thank you Andre,

    Because of a discussion I had had with my Supervisors, and your example helped to reaffirm.  I just redid all skills such that their primary (ie hired skill) is set to 1, and all other skills are set to 2, or 3 if identified by Supervisor.

    Secondary question related to Call Routing, we have calls going out by Level without regards to Service Objective.  Agent Selection is EAD-MIA (Highest skill level, with longest idle time).

    I want to set the SO in  VDN Call Profile Setup.  We have contactual obligations for 90% answered in 120 sec.  Would this translate to Acceptable Service Level of 120?  Would the values in Service level increment have any bearing on call handling?  right now those fields are blank if I do a search?  We also have some VDNs that don't have contractually obligations, would I leave those fields blank? put some number higher than the contract?

  • 4.  RE: Split/Skill optimisation

    Posted 10-29-2015 01:21 PM

    i am not experienced with service level oriented routing, but i guess you have to have a look on bsr (best service routing), shich needs to be licensed.