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  • 1.  Vectors, Cover Paths and Voicemail

    Posted 03-12-2019 01:35 PM
    Good afternoon,
    We are on currently on Avaya CM 6.3 and have had a request to update a vector with the following..

    If an extension is entered when the greeting is playing, ring the extension 3 times:
    1. If no answer and there is an individual employee VM associated with the extension, route the call to that person's VM. (Cover Path) Done
    2. If no answer and there is no individual VM, play an announcement (xxxx) and give the caller the option to:
      1. Press 1 to leave a VM for the department
      2. Remain on the line to be placed in queue

    Not really sure how to tackle number 2; my initial thought was to:
    Collect 1 Digit after announcement xxxx
    go to messaging skill xx if digit = 1
    go to step x if unconditionally

    I'm not sure what happens if the person at extension 445 does not answer and they do not have a VMB; how do I get it back into the queue if they don't opt to leave a message.

    Thanks in advance for help.


    Joe Lio
    IT Support & Telecom Specialist

  • 2.  RE: Vectors, Cover Paths and Voicemail

    Posted 03-13-2019 04:15 AM
    The problem is how do you know if the mailbox is personal or group.

    I would have different cover paths for extensions with a personal voicemail and route those to voicemail without options
    Extensions that don't have a personal voicemail box use a different cover path and give them the options there for 1 or 2

    Colin Haycock
    Principle Voice Engineer
    McAfee Inc.