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  • 1.  Hotline for IP Telephones

    Posted 04-11-2020 04:53 PM
    Wondering if anyone can help out with this.  We currently have a group of traders that use Auto Ring Down Circuits.  Each of these terminate to CO ports and are assigned an incoming destination extension.  That extension gets created as a 2500 set and the hot line section is setup with the abbreviated-dial system list.  That analog extension is then abrdg'd to the trader phones.  When the press that appearance the call rings their far end counter party.  We are converting these traders to J169 SIP phones and abrdg are not supported via SIP.  We enabled the Special Application SA8887 (Hotline for IP Telephones).  The fields for hotline that are on the analog station now appear when creating the extension as IP.  After adding in the hotline information we then brdged the extension on the trader phone (instead of abrdg).  However, when pressing the appearance nothing happens other than just getting dialtone.  It doesn't follow the hotline info and auto dial the far end.  To validate this I reverted this back to an analog station and abrdg appearance and it works instantly.  Are there any other settings I need to adjust to get this working with an IP station?

    William Petilli