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  • 1.  CDR for Workspace IX Cleints (Remote Workers)

    Posted 10-09-2020 12:18 PM

    Dear All,

    During pandemic situation most of users are remote working on Avaya IX client (Android / iOS) as 'Remote Worker' users, I am starting getting requests from the managers / supervisors for the Call reports to analyze the call stats (answered / unanswered calls). This is for non call center environment.

    I would like to know if anyone here handling the similar situation and what are the options we have to generate such reports.
    We have CDR software but its primarily fetching data from CM to provide reports for H323 endpoints.

    This is for Avaya Aura 7.1 environment .

    Please share your feedback on this.

    Arslan Ali
    UC Consultant

  • 2.  RE: CDR for Workspace IX Cleints (Remote Workers)

    Posted 10-10-2020 04:08 PM

    CM's CDR does record the calls made and received by SIP phones via PSTN trunk groups, as long as those trunk groups have CDR enabled.  The only issue I've found with CM's CDR is if you have intra-switch enabled, if doesn't record SIP station to SIP station calls.  You could enable CDR for your SIP station trunk groups, at the possible downside of getting two records when a non-SIP phones calls to a SIP phone (or vice-versa).


    If you have SIP entities in SM that can make calls, say a voicemail system, and you have routing setup such that those calls go directly to a SIP trunk provider instead of first to CM, then CM would never see those calls.  You can enable CDR for SM but it's not a data feed like CM.  You have to buy or write yourself one that can collect the files (or maybe their SFTP'd be SM, I can't recall).




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