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Avaya Session Manager Device Mapping

  • 1.  Avaya Session Manager Device Mapping

    Posted 05-04-2022 10:22 AM
    Edited by James Davis 05-04-2022 10:30 AM

    Hello -

    I was wondering if anyone here has played with the Session Manager feature for Device Mappings? 

    The particular question I have is, can the User-Agent field have wild cards? If so, what does that syntax look like? I have dug through help documents and Admin guides, and this feature doesn't seem well defined.

    One of the devices we are looking to build a custom Device Mapping for, has a standard name at the front of it, but then also inserts the MAC address on the end of it. So I am hoping there is a way to key off the standard name, and disregard the MAC address. 

    I know this might also be a question, the reason we are going down that road is to provide a deeper level of adaptations for some 3rd party devices, mainly to utilize the option to reduce header info (Seems Avaya is quite chatty on the SIP Headers, and some devices just don't like that).

    EDIT - 

    I was playing around, and it would seem I have a second question, is there no way to create a custom Device Adaptation? We are just stuck with the three Avaya provides? 


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