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  • 1.  Music on Hold from Media Server randomly failing

    Posted 08-20-2019 12:49 AM
    Hi IAUG Brains Trust!,

    I have an intriguing issue that has me baffled and I wanted to reach out to see if anyone else has ever experienced a similar issue...

    We have been using Avaya Aura Media Servers (Version for months for static announcements (type = integrated) which has been working fine.  Recently we migrated our Music On Hold files (type = integ-mus) to the Media Servers, and now the Hold music is very unstable.  The weirdest part is that if I call the hold music Announcement number, it will start playing the music, and then at some random interval, will simply stop to 'dead air' and the music stream will never recover.   Sometimes the music plays for 60 seconds then 'fails', sometimes it will play for 17 seconds then 'fails'.

    If it was a pure and simple configuration issue (like incorrect Network Region mapping, shuffling issues, network/firewall, or WAV File unavailable or corrupt), I would expect the announcement not to play at all every time.  But the music just randomly stops playing!  This will happen for internal Phones calling the announcement, as well as external callers queuing to the announcement.

    The 'list trace' looks normal, and doesn't throw any issues when the hold music stops (example below).

    I am scratching my head, so thought I'd put it out to the IAUG world for any advice (and I am going to log it with Avaya for assistance too)

    Any thoughts appreciated!

    Some further details below:

    My CM Version is
    My SM Version is
    My AAMS Version is
    There are no firewalls, no 'fancy network' implications, The VM environment is stable and I can't think of any other contributing factor.

    Example list trace:
    "14:00:24 TRACE STARTED 08/20/2019 CM Release String cold-01.0.532.0-25394"
    "14:00:31 0 0 ENTERING TRACE cid 10083"
    "14:00:31 302 1 vdn e66306 bsr appl 0 strategy EAD-MIA override y"
    "14:00:31 302 1 AVDN: 66306 AVRD:"
    "14:00:31 302 1 wait 2 secs hearing ringback"
    "14:00:33 302 2 goto step 65 if holiday in table 49"
    "14:00:33 302 3 goto step 4 if unconditionally"
    "14:00:33 302 4 goto step 61 if AE = 1"
    "14:00:33 302 4 variable AE = [0] global"
    "14:00:33 302 5 goto step 65 if AF = 1"
    "14:00:33 302 5 variable AF = [0] global"
    "14:00:33 302 6 goto step 55 if AG <> 1"
    "14:00:33 302 6 variable AG = [1] global"
    "14:00:33 302 7 goto step 62 if staffed in skill 301 < 1"
    "14:00:33 302 8 announcement 66680"
    "14:00:33 302 8 announcement: board 050V9 ann ext: 66680"  (Announcement Heard)
    "14:00:40 302 10 announcement 66682"
    "14:00:40 302 10 announcement: board 051V9 ann ext: 66682" (Announcement Heard)
    "14:00:45 302 11 queue-to"
    "14:00:45 302 11 queuing to skill 301 pri m"
    "14:00:45 302 12 wait 60 secs hearing music"
    "14:00:45 302 12 music announcement: board M1:00 ann ext: 66666" (Music Heard)
    "14:01:45 302 13 announcement 66687"
    "14:01:45 302 13 announcement: board 051V9 ann ext: 66687" (Announcement Heard)
    "14:01:53 302 14 wait 180 secs hearing music"
    "14:01:53 302 14 music announcement: board M1:00 ann ext: 66666" (Music heard for the first 17 seconds then 'dead air' until agent answered)
    "14:03:31 302 15 Local Agent Preference=n"
    "14:03:31 302 15 Agent Login ID: 66675 Logged in at station: 66619"
    "14:03:31 302 15 LEAVING VECTOR PROCESSING cid 10083"
    "14:03:31 302 15 TRACE COMPLETE cid 10083"

    Michael Mason
    Network Engineer - Voice
    Sonic Healthcare Limited
    Macquarie Park

  • 2.  RE: Music on Hold from Media Server randomly failing

    Posted 08-20-2019 01:58 AM
    Does anyone know if CM supports integ-mus announcements (with barge-in set) in an Audio Group that contains Media Servers??

    Because with further troubleshooting and testing, we have narrowed the issue down to 'integ-mus' announcements that have barge-in active and that are in Audio Groups which only contain media-servers.  The CM documentation says that while an 'integ-mus' announcement with barge-in set is already playing, CM should connect subsequent requests to the same source and port.  HOWEVER with a media Server Audio Group, sometimes the next play request will randomly play the announcement from the second Media Server and start the file from scratch - even though there is a pre-existing source and port available.

    This behaviour seems to 'confuse' CM, and then CM will randomly disconnect the connections that it may think are no loner relevant.

    Therefore, the work around is to hard code the integ-mus announcement to a Single Media Server (eg M1) OR to put the integ-mus announcement in an audio Group with only Media Gateways - and then the fault disappears because CM will ALWAYS connect the next reqeust to the existing integ-mus file that is already playing.

    Thanks everyone, please let me know if you have any thoughts/inputs on the above.

    Michael Mason
    Network Engineer - Voice
    Sonic Healthcare Limited
    Macquarie Park