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  • 1.  AD Integration for Aura Stack and MFA/2FA

    Posted 03-04-2022 07:38 AM
    Is Avaya interested in integrating ALL of its application with Active Directory (SSO) and 2FA/MFA?

    As security demand increases, hope Avaya can consider integrating its Core products such as CM, AES, Utility Server, AAEP(MPP/EPM) with AD with 2FA/MFA. Its been so long and i haven't seen any future development on security around this. Yes, it has increased its application security but increasing its management security seems to be lagging. Still old days of creating manual credentials.

    Jesryll Jimenez
    Telecommunications Engineer
    Standard Chartered Bank

  • 2.  RE: AD Integration for Aura Stack and MFA/2FA

    Posted 03-04-2022 07:53 AM
    I don't know if I've seen it on the roadmap.  There were some way to do it if you customized the PAM module settings on each server -- but it wasn't reliable (or available on every setup).

    Put in a Feature Request for this!  https://www.iaug.org/get-involved/feature-request  That way we can get this in front of Avaya and let them know this is something people want to see in their products.

    Nick Kwiatkowski
    Director of Design and Engineering
    Michigan State University
    East Lansing MI