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  • 1.  Unanswered call reports from CDR - SIP Trunk

    Posted 21 days ago
    Edited by Arslan Ali 21 days ago
    Dear Team,

    We are not getting CDR reports of unanswered incoming calls on SIP trunk, we are getting the same on ISDN trunk. We have set the parameter "CDR Reports ? r" on trunk-group page 1.

    Call Flow is = ITSP >> SBC >> SM >>CM >> H.323/SIP.

    Also, in ISDN trunk there is a parameter -  "Answer Supervision Timeout " but there is no such settings in SIP trunk.

    Please suggest.

    Arslan Ali
    UC Consultant

  • 2.  RE: Unanswered call reports from CDR - SIP Trunk

    Posted 14 days ago
    When we changed cdr formats and options to the ones specified by Vera Smart, we stopped seeing unanswered calls (condition codes G, H and I). So the issue may be related to the CDR format "Primary Output Format: customized"  and the chosen options.

    Also make sure your CDR vendor isn't intentionally dropping  these calls.

    If your CDR format will allow, try to "change system-parameters cdr"  for Secondary Output Format: to unformatted (CDR2). We  saw codes G, H and I.  I have a record of the format we used for secondary but I didn't keep a copy of the options.

    If you try the secondary output, you will need to configure a way to collect the data. I suggest you try a trial download of TCP-File ( since it can be configured as a server to work off Avaya. CDR records will be recorded in a disk file.

    John O'Brien
    Self Employed Consultant/Engineer
    Staten Island NY