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Missing packets RTP between CM -AES- Verint15

  • 1.  Missing packets RTP between CM -AES- Verint15

    Posted 4 days ago
    Hi, everyone,
    My questions is why missing packets RTP with Verint 15.2 sometimes ? In Verint 11 did not happen. Why?
    My client is a Bank that has a Collections CallCenter ,TLMK, Sales, etc
    Now the agents work 100% remote with Avaya One-X Communicator the vast majority and a few with Avaya One-X Agent 2.5
    The infraestructure is CM ( HA) in  two sites , AES in two sites an Third-party Verint 15.2 in two sites.
    The CM version 6.3
    AES 5.2 ( physical ) in 2 sites
    AES 7.2 ( VM) in 2 sites
    AEP 7.3 ( VM ) in 2 sites
    The AES5.2 connects to Verint15.2 with DMCC -CTI
    Devices ( softphones ) connects 184  registered  with full agents  but why there are 1109167 devices created since service boot ?
    The last boot it was reboot 6 days ago.
    When I looking the logs AES5 it is noted registration attempt
    When not recording in dmcc-trace-log display "send registration request ( RRQ) and the next line display Received registration reject ( RRJ)  and not incoming Codec and not audio start.
    When recording OK in dmcc-trace-log display " send registration requuest( RRQ) and the next line display Received registration confirm ( RCF) and the next lines display State=REGISTERED, signaling encryption=challenge TTS=yes and incoming codec and audio start OK
    The configuration of the Verint side that the Belltech made is Multiregistration
    The configuration the CM side Avaya made is Dependent
    The network - region  is configured Near End Establishes TCP Signaling Socket = Y.
    Stay tuned to your comments.

    Gustavo Caracciolo
    Customer Support Engineer
    Buenos Aires