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Starts: 08-03-2022
Location: Online Opportunity


IAUG is seeking members to manage our technical forums to ensure our users receive the most value & to increase the visibility of this resource. As a moderator, you will have a direct line of communication to IAUG councils, board, staff, and other members.

Ideally, our moderators will see if another community member responds to a question within 24-48 hours. Between 48-72 hours after a post is live, the moderator will respond to the best of their ability, pulling information from other articles or pointing in the direction of other resources if needed. If no information is available, the moderator will refer to Council members &  respond that they are looking into it - and if no conclusions are reached after 1 week, they will work with Avaya and IAUG SMEs to provide the best assistance. 

Applicant Requirements: 

  • Able to respond to posts in a timely manner
  • Engaged and inviting to all members of our community
  • Understands the value of our user forum & how it serves the mission of IAUG 
  • Is well-versed in the topic of the forum, but does not need to be a subject matter expert 
  • Comfortable with the website (we will provide a quick training if desired)

Moderator Responsibilities: 

  • Daily: Ensure all posts encourage engagement or ask a question, make sure members know who you are as the facilitator, ensure all posts follow Code of Conduct, jump in/add to the conversation around 48 hours after a post goes live
  • Weekly: Quickly welcome new members to the community (if applicable), recommend responses, pin to top, edit, or mark as "best answer" 
  • Monthly: Clean up the community library as needed, bring trends or good content discussions to MEAC and/or IAUG staff for future webinar or session topics, promote the forum 

Volunteers or Contributors Needed:

10 (6 open slots)

Experience Required:

Customer of Avaya

Contribution Points:



Julia Beck

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