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Chapter Leader Role

Starts: 05-12-2022


IAUG affiliated chapters connect members around the world, providing easy-access events and networking opportunities for IAUG members. Local chapter events promote year-round community engagement and contribute to the development of strong relationships among members, Avaya and its partners. Points only eligible for new chapter leaders joining in 2022. 

Currently, IAUG is sourcing new leaders for the following chapters: 
  • Ohio 
  • Iowa 
  • Tennessee 
  • Oregon 
  • United Kingdom 
  • Massachusetts 
  • Southern California
  • Missouri - St. Louis
  • Singapore
  • Arkansas
  • Denmark
  • Pennsylvania - Philadelphia
  • Pennsylvania - Central
  • Switzerland
  • Texas - Dallas
  • Texas - Houston
  • Texas - San Antonio
  • Virginia - Southwest
Currently, IAUG is sourcing new co-leaders for the following chapters:
  • Illinois - Chicago
  • South Florida
  • South Carolina
  • Canada - Ottawa

Curious about becoming a leader for a chapter listed above? Apply today! 

Chapter leaders give back to the community by planning at least one meeting per year & must be end user Avaya customers. No specific skillset or background required. All applications will be reviewed within 48 hours of submission. 

Volunteers or Contributors Needed:

150 (43 open slots)

Experience Required:

Customer of Avaya

Contribution Points:



Julia Beck