Feature Requests

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What are Feature Requests?

Feature Requests are a way for paid IAUG members to provide feedback to Avaya for products.

Historically, this process was referred to as GRIP (Global Requirements Integration Process) and was a highly manual process. With this new feedback tool, Canny.io, IAUG HQ, The Feature Request Advocacy Committe, the Member Education & Advocacy Committee and Avaya have created a built-in way for the most useful requests to rise to the top, and this tool will allow us to lock in certain requests and provide updates to them, as well as act as a historic archive. 


What to Expect

Each month, both the Feature Request Advocacy Committee and the Member Education & Advocacy Committee will review Feature Requests that have been posted through Canny.io (our feedback tool). We will choose feature requests based on priority, votes, and frequency to pass along to Avaya.

Avaya will review our requests and depending on capabilities, they will provide back solutions/responses that we will be able to update and communicate back to the community.
We will make sure to keep the IAUG community updated as these requests are being reviewed and processed with Avaya. Within Canny.io, you will see a Roadmap (status updates):

Under Review

You will be able to see what has been completed on each post within the Canny.io tool.

Example Scenario: A paid IAUG member would post a feature request, other members would ‘upvote’ the request and after the allotted amount of time, FRAC and MEAC members would review feature requests and pass it along to Avaya. Avaya will then review and pass it along to the appropriate parties/product teams to develop a solution or response for the IAUG member community.

If you have questions about a feature request or the process, we created a document for you to review
here or feel free to reach out to Paige Romanello.