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IAUG Membership 

Customer Membership is open to corporations, entities and government units that have Avaya products (including Nortel legacy products). Members cannot be in the business of producing, selling, leasing or maintaining telecommunications equipment or services or of providing telecommunications consulting services. Each customer member is eligible for one vote in IAUG elections and to serve on the Board of Directors.
Partner Membership is open to corporations, entities and government units whose business practices are not in direct competition with Avaya. Entities that wish to join as Partner Members are required to petition the Board of Directors. Partner Members are not entitled to vote in IAUG elections, are not eligible to serve on the Board, are not eligible to serve as a Director, are not eligible to serve as a Committee or Council Chair, but can serve as a Committee or Council Member.

Customer Members

Partner Members

1 representative
$200 USD
1 representative
$400 USD
2-5 representatives
6 representatvies
$400 USD
$450 USD
2-5 representatives
6 representatives
$800 USD
$900 USD
7+ representatives
$75 USD per rep
7+ representatives
$150 USD per rep

Congratulations! You’re taking the first step toward drive success for your organization. Click the appropriate button below to begin (you will be able to choose the number of representatives you wish to purchase for on the first window). Your membership affords you benefits from the local, regional, and international level.  Customer & Partner Pro Memberships refer to accounts with only one representative. Registering your company for an enterprise membership? Check out our account set up tips.

Justification Letter

Download the IAUG Membership Justification Letter to share with your boss or decision maker.  Point out the benefits you and your team would utilize, and how an IAUG membership would further your training. 

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Renew Your IAUG Membership

Has your membership expired or up for renewal? Can’t log in anymore? No problem. Select the button below or ask your Organization Administrator to submit renewal. Organization Administrators for group membership accounts will need to log out of their member profiles, and login using their Organization's credentials.  Need to add sub-accounts to your company's roster? View our tips sheet.

Hate forgetting when to renew?  You're in luck! Members who pay for their annual membership with a credit card will now be opted into Auto-Billing.  

When a member paid for the original invoice number with Credit Card the system Automatically creates an Auto Bill transaction that shows on their profile as an Open Awaiting Auto Bill with a new invoice number that is in pending status that has a scheduled payment date for the future. This occurs when memberships are configured for Auto Renew which explains why the Awaiting Auto Bill was scheduled. When a membership is configured to Auto Renew, members paying via e-check or credit card will be automatically re-billed until canceled and the system generates the Open Awaiting Auto Bills.

If a member selects a membership that auto-renews then the member may cancel their membership by signing into the community and deleting the next scheduled renewal transaction within the "Membership Info" section located within the member profile menu at anytime.

Renew Membership

IAUG membership belongs to a member's corporation. Dues vary based on location and number of representatives. Membership terms last 12 months and will be due for renewal one year from the day you join.

Try a Basic Membership

Basic memberships operate as guest accounts. Basic membership holders may post and subscribe to the IAUG technical forums, and register for chapter meetings, but will have limited access to the IAUG website and will not receive member benefits or discounts. 

Basic Membership

Avaya Account | Avaya Employees please contact to obtain an Avaya membership. 

If you have membership questions, please contact IAUG Headquarters at +1.615-800-8299