Feature Request Tracker FAQ

How often will feature requests be sent to Avaya?
Feature Requests will be sent to Avaya at the end of each quarter (March, June, September, December)

How often will Avaya respond to feature requests?
Avaya will respond to feature requests at the end of each quarter - as we send them new ones, we will be receiving back responses from previous requests.

How are feature requests selected?
IAUG HQ, the FRAC, and the MEAC will review and vet the highest voted requests to be sent to Avaya. 
*FRAC = Feature Request Advocacy Committee
*MEAC = Membership Education Advocacy Committee

How many feature requests will be chosen?
Until we know how many requests we are receiving each quarter, this is not set in stone. Ideally, we would like to select the 10 highest voted requests to be reviewed and vetted by the MEAC, to then be cut down to the top 5 to be sent to Avaya. This could change over the years until we see the interest our community has with this benefit.

How many requests can I submit?
The number of requests you can submit is unlimited. However, it does not mean it will automatically increase the chance of your request being selected.

How will I know if my request is selected?

  1. The status' of requests that are chosen for review will be changed to, "Under Review"
  2. If requests pass through vetting and are passed along to Avaya the status will change to, "In Progress"
  3. If your request is not chosen, it will remain open for the next quarter for further potential upvotes and will remain "Open"
  4. If your request is not chosen, it will be closed for no further upvoting or review opportunities

You will also receive notifications to your email about feature requests you posted, comment on, or have upvoted so you are always in the know. 

What are the main reasons feature requests don't get selected?
No request is a bad request, it could be that at that time there was not enough support on that request. We are choosing feature requests that receive the most upvotes from other users in the community and if your request isn't one that has the majority of upvotes, it will not be chosen. However, it will remain on canny.io and will be able to continue to receive upvotes as the quarters roll over. Who's to say that it won't gain more!

What is an upvote?
An upvote is simply just voting for a feature request that increases it's number of community supporters! 
You cannot upvote more than one time - click once, number goes up by one, click twice, number goes back down by one. 

How do I submit a feature request?
1. On the main Feature Request page, scroll to the bottom and click the "Submit a Feature Request Here" box
2. A new tab will open with our feedback tracker tool, Canny.io, you will see your homepage, "IAUG Feature Request Tracker":

3 . In the "Create a Post" box: Enter the title of your request - Keep this simple - and enter in the details of your request, CREATE!

Easy as 1, 2, 3!

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