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  • 1.  ATA and SM

    Posted 04-06-2022 02:12 PM
    Good evening friends,

    I am attempting to install several Grandstream ATAs for fax. I have them connected and registered to SM. I can fax with no issue between SM SIP ATA and CM. My issue is sending faxes outbound from SM. The error is always shows "remote machine did not respond in time". SInce I am dialing out form SM the transaction never touches CM so I noticed on the SM trace the From: is only shouing 5 digit extension and not 10 digit telephone number. I think this is why the fax call is failing. I tried adding an egress adaptation to manipulate digits but that didnt help. Any ideas or tips?
    Thank you

    Todd Stone
    Telecommunications Adminstrator
    St Johns County Schools

  • 2.  RE: ATA and SM

    Posted 04-07-2022 12:23 AM
    Is there a reason you're not making them extensions in CM?  We integrate Spectralink phones as CM extensions even though they don't show up as AST stations.  Doing this should help you resolve the outbound Calling Party number to a number in your carrier's inventory, which I assume is why your call isn't going out.

    Whose SBC are you using?  Another approach would be to have the SBC adapt your messages.  If you're using Avaya, John Waber has a very useful document covering SIGMA scripts.

    Tom Lynn