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Session Manager NIC Bonding stale configuration

  • 1.  Session Manager NIC Bonding stale configuration

    Posted 05-25-2021 01:20 PM
    A long time ago we moved from physical Session Manager 6.x servers to virtualized SM 7.1.x (and now 8.1.3).   When these SMs were physical boxes, NIC bonding for the SM100 was enabled.   Now that they're virtual, that concept is deprecated.    However, when View or Edit is clicked in System Manager \ Session Manager Administration, the "NIC Bonding" section still shows and the feature is still enabled.

    My question is this:  Does anybody have experience turning this off?  Seems like it's not doing anything but I can imagine turning it off would cause a brief outage while the network service is restarted.  There seems to be no harm in leaving it alone but I need to enable CDR so I'm concerned the seeming conflict could itself cause an issue when I click Save.  The documentation for 7.x deployment only talks about the NIC Bonding section being visible for upgraded servers that already had it enabled.  It doesn't talk about disabling.

    Sam Osheroff
    UC Engineer
    University of Washington