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  • 1.  system manager - extensions in the list issue

    Posted 06-01-2016 08:30 AM

    Hello folks

    Anyone come accross this before? Driving me nuts!

    Trying to add sip users in system manager via Elements / Communication Manager / Endpoints / Manage Endpointsusing a template approach and an extension I know is available I get the following error when I click on commit:

  • The following errors have occurred:
  • The extension "284593" is not one of the available extensions in the list. Please select a value from the list available.
  • I know thats a free extension, If I search SMGR Im told the extension doesnt exist and I can add it on CM. Its part of my dial plan but doesnt show up when i search using the list of available extensions (as the error suggests) on SMGR. Im trying to add a range of extensions 284590-284599 and get the same error for each extension. 

    These were on the system, sip endpoints, but were deleted some time ago, they dont show up anywhere on the system including the deleted users list.

    6.2 solution

    SMGR 6.2 service pack 4 patch 3

    Found this on tek-tips but it made no logical sense to me and even though I tried this approach it didnt work

    Would really apprricate suggestions as to what way I can proceed with investigating this or any solutions anyone may have.



  • 2.  system manager - extensions in the list issue

    Posted 06-01-2016 09:11 AM
    Sounds like having "available" Extension active. Don't know the way you do it , but in general you have to add the station in user 's form, choose sip device as template and add Session Manager Profile als well.


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