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  • 1.  APN Push for iOS Workplace apps

    Posted 03-11-2021 10:39 AM
    Has anybody setup the new APN push for iOS users using Session Manager?  

    I've been going around and around with this, but can't seem to get everything to come together.  I've followed the instructions and tied the configurations of ASM with the Avaya Cloud, installed the certs, and tests are working fine...  I see the push information being sent out via PPM... 

    When I look at the Push Notification Performance charts in SMGR or do traceSM and enable the push traces, I don't see any attempts to send the notifications out...   

    I'm thinking this may be that ASM doesn't know to actually do the push notification for an end user...  The way I think it works is to check to see if the user is using an app listed in the Notification Application Settings page... but I don't see how or why it would make that association.   Not sure if there is anything I'm supposed to touch from the defaults (the docs don't mention that you do, but I don't know for sure.).

    Thanks everybody!


    Nick Kwiatkowski
    Director of Design and Engineering
    Michigan State University
    East Lansing MI

  • 2.  RE: APN Push for iOS Workplace apps

    Posted 03-12-2021 09:44 AM
    I'm wondering if this is a cert issue.  Have you tried a TLS trace to see if there's a problem establishing the connection with the APN servers?