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  • 1.  UUI variables

    Posted 10-13-2023 11:10 AM

    We are trying to implement a call vector to parse the caller's language and communicate that response to the answering station (non-agent) or answering agent. We present a multilingual menu that prompts the caller to press 1, for English, 2 for Spanish, 3 for Mandarin, etc. The vector progresses through additional menus using variables to present menus in the selected language. Ultimately, the call routes to an agent or to a non-acd station, either on site or remote worker.  

    We configured a vector to develop a UUI variable that contains the one, two or three-digit language number the answering person would enter into our service  provider's menu to conference in an interpreter. The language menu is the initial menu presented and the call progresses through subsequent menus so the 'last digits' field won't suffice.

    The agents have SIP set types that allow a display-uui key to be assigned. Both the agent and the agent's station have CORs that allow Station-Button Display of UUI IE Data. The vector works: we can see a valid uui variable in a trace. However, we are encountering inconsistencies with the results. Additionally, even when a trace shows the UUI, we don't always see it in the CMS call_rec data for the call.

    CM release 8.1.7

    Can anyone shed light on UUI operation using vector variables. When and what set types does it work with. Are there any SBCE options that interact on remote workers?

    For an on-site station with set type 9608SIPCC, the UUI display works whether or not the station is logged into ACD.

    At a remote worker station (9608SIPCC), pressing the key results in 'feature unavailable' even though the trace shows a valid uu1 variable was created.

    Kathleen DeSantis
    Director Telecom & Mobile Svcs
    Maimonides Medical Center
    Brooklyn NY