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  • 1.  Options for dialing to an analog port

    Posted 22 days ago

    We have IPO500v2 r11 servicing multiple buildings.

    New separate PA system installed in one building & I've got the IPO analogue trunk port (module 3 / port 12) connected to the PA's FXS port. I set-up a short code in office manager and assigned it to the respective analogue port line group ID. I've also streamlined the dialing process by including the PA's paging code (#0) in the telephone number field. I can successfully dial the short code from any phoneset, and initiate a page.

    Some concerns with current config are:

    • as people mis-use the paging we'll run out of "new" (short code) numbers to assign to paging
    • anyone with the short code can dial the new PA from the other buildings

     What is the best means for limiting which extensions can dial the new PA while keeping the PA's paging code pre-set in the process? Best case scenario is to prevent extensions in other buildings from dialing the analog port

    Kurt Zinnack
    IT Specialist

  • 2.  RE: Options for dialing to an analog port

    Posted 21 days ago

    The normal solution is to put the short codes in the user short code settings rather than system short codes. That will restrict their use to the particular extension users. 

    If the extensions are in a multi-access user location, then using the Force Authorization Code option on the short code can be used. 

    Mark Gallagher
    Technical Author
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