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  • 1.  MWI light not illuminating in AAFD

    Posted 03-10-2023 05:13 PM

    We are using AAFD version 2.x and can not get the MWI icon in AAFD to illuminate when there is a new voicemail message waiting for the station extension. The Message Waiting Lamp Indicates status for is set to station in the system-parameters features. I have compared settings on an H.323 station that uses one-x agent and the MWI icon illuminates there, but not with the same settings on the SIP station in AAFD.

    Anyone else had this issue or know if maybe this is a defect in AAFD?

    Mike Frei
    Telecom Engineer
    Salt Lake City UT

  • 2.  RE: MWI light not illuminating in AAFD

    Posted 03-15-2023 10:18 AM

    Hi Mike,

    Did you do the following in the AAFD client?

    1. In the Avaya Agent for Desktop Settings window, on the Settings tab, click the 
    Preferences menu.
    2. In the Message Waiting Indicator area, select the Show Message Waiting Indicator 
    check box to activate the message waiting indicator.
    3. In the Voice Mailbox Number field, enter the appropriate voice mailbox number of the 
    You must select a DTMF type for the SIP stations only. For H.323, DTMF type is not 
    4. In the DTMF type field, click rtp-payload.
    5. Click Save

    Jeffrey Lusby
    Convergence Engineer
    Carousel Industries

  • 3.  RE: MWI light not illuminating in AAFD

    Posted 03-23-2023 11:23 AM


    Yes I had the Message Waiting indicator box checked and the voicemail number field filled out. I tried the rtp-payload for the DTMF type, but that didn't work with our setup, I had to use out-of-band.

    Mike Frei
    Telecom Engineer
    Salt Lake City UT