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  • 1.  J100 Series IP Phones on Wifi - Feedback

    Posted 09-24-2022 07:40 AM
    Dear All,

    Soon we would be deploying Avaya J series IP Phones in remote branches in WiFi mode. We are doing this for first time with no prior experience of dealing with them. I would like to know any useful tips, caveat, case studies from the folks out here who are already using      J series phone in WiFi mode.

    My biggest worry is the audio quality, Please let me know your experiences, challenges & work around in handling WiFi handsets. 

    Thank you.

    Arslan Ali
    UC Consultant

  • 2.  RE: J100 Series IP Phones on Wifi - Feedback

    Posted 09-24-2022 11:38 AM
    If you have the option, try to deploy the WiFi access points with "WMM" mode enabled.  WMM is essentially QoS for wireless.  WMM allows devices to tag their audio streams as "real time" so, in theory, they should get priority.   WMM does not work in the same manner as QoS for standard ethernet, however -- it is very dependant on a strong signal from your APs and that other devices in your network behave.  If all you have is connecting to it is laptops/desktops/phones you should be in pretty good shape.  Most of the issues I've ever seen were related to poorly configured IOT devices and wireless printers.

    Nick Kwiatkowski
    Director of Design and Engineering
    Michigan State University
    East Lansing MI