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  • 1.  EMG-XFER alarm without TN775 Maintenance Card

    Posted 03-03-2023 03:58 PM

    This is a CM 6.0.1 system and the alarm is in a legacy MCC cabinets.  The cabinet (6) has an EMG-XFER,y,MAJOR alarm.  When testing it FAILS test 124 with Error Code 290.  Maintenance Documentation states, "The Emergency Transfer switch is in the ON position.  1. Place the switch in the AUTO position."  However, the Cabinet / Port Network has a TN771D Maintenance/Test card (not TN775 Maintenance Card) which does not have an Emergency Transfer switch.  As a matter of fact Avaya documentation indicates the TN775 Maintenance Card is not compatible with CM 6.0 and later.  Does anyone know how to clear this alarm?

    Edgar Lindsey
    Senior Convergence Specialist
    Carousel Industries

  • 2.  RE: EMG-XFER alarm without TN775 Maintenance Card

    Posted 03-04-2023 09:21 AM

    It's been a while since we pulled our MCC carriers out of service, but there should be an ETR switch either on the IPSI/SIPI card or it may be on the back of the carrier.  Check to see if it maybe got bumped (it should be close to the ethernet ports near the front of the cabinet, or a toggle switch on the SIPI boards on the back, I think).  The TN775 card wasn't supported in CM6 since they discontinued the support for center stage cabinets and fiber-connected cabinets in release 6.  The TN771 does not control the operation of the ETR function -- it only tests to see if it has failed (it also contains sensors for power, temperature, heartbeats on the TDM bus, etc.). 

    If you aren't using an ETR device, you can most likely just ignore the alarm.  The alarm could also mean that the 48v switch is stuck in the cabinet or has failed in the open position (so, it's not providing the voltage to allow the ETR the capture the analog phone lines coming to your system).  

    Nick Kwiatkowski
    Director of Design and Engineering
    Michigan State University
    East Lansing MI