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CLEAR 96x1 via settings file?

  • 1.  CLEAR 96x1 via settings file?

    Posted 09-28-2022 12:56 AM
    Is there a setting that can be temporarily added to the 46xxSettings.txt file that would cause a phone to clear itself?  

    A member of tek-tips said in a post (Way to RESET phone sets remotely? Also, is there a way to CLEAR phones remotely?) that there is a setting but didn't elaborate.  

    I have a specific switch with a specific subnet that my warehouse folks use to test and upgrade phones.  I would like to also cause plugging into this subnet to clear the phones. This is mostly because I've noticed some of the remote worker phones, with hard set config bits, getting re-deployed on site.  Yes, I could train them to clear the phone during boot but that would significantly slow down their operation.


    Sam Osheroff
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