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CC Elite ACD with Nice IEX workforce behaviors

  • 1.  CC Elite ACD with Nice IEX workforce behaviors

    Posted 01-31-2024 08:58 AM


    We just migrated our call centers on an Avaya CC Elite ACD from an Avaya AACC ACD. Both ACD are connected to a Nice IEX Workforce Management System.  We notice that the later behaves quite differently with the CC Elite as an ACD data source in comparison to AACC.  One major difference we realized is that the Avaya CMS report ACD calls in the interval the call ended not at call arrival time. Also the call is considered ended only when the actual call was terminated AND the ACW time associated with the call is also ended. This means that calls received in a given interval may be actually be reported in one or more subsequent interval.  One of the many consequences we noticed is the estimated MO for the first interval of the day in IEX is always short in the number of required agents.  Has anybody experienced this issue with an AVAYA CC Elite ACD connected to Nice IEX? Interested in feedback on this topic and possible hints on adjustments done to address what appears as limitations.

    Claude Lessard
    Solution Architect
    Revenu Quebec
    Montreal QC