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  • 1.  Automatic Auto-In

    Posted 08-16-2022 12:03 PM
    Edited by Daniel Fabrizio 08-16-2022 01:30 PM

    Let me preface this by saying I am somewhat of a novice.

    I'm interested in the limits of the aux-out feature when an agent misses a call in their queue.

    Is it possible to program a vector to take an agent out of aux mode to make them available to attempt to take calls again?

    For example, I have a Contact Center with 2 main agents. I am trying to arrange that a call can enter the queue, ring one of the agents, RONA, and re-enter the queue to ring the second agent's phone. Then, enter the queue again to ring on one of the agents' phones and re-enter the queue again to ring on the second agent's phone. After that second iteration, the call should then route-to the particular answering service.

    It seems that in order to accomplish the second iteration, the agents would have to be taken out of aux mode.

    Is this at all possible with the tools available in CM? Could a creative workaround be possible to accomplish the same "flow?

    The current programming is as follows:

    Main call vector:

    RONA vector:

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you.

    Daniel Fabrizio
    Telecom Analyst
    Maimonides Medical Center
    Brooklyn NY

  • 2.  RE: Automatic Auto-In

    Posted 08-17-2022 08:12 AM

    Hi Daniel,
    Assuming you have the CM only, forcing agents out of AUX automatically is not possible AFAIK - interested to hear if someone has found a way to do that.
    That said, where are the agents located? Are they always the same 2 agents? If so, you could consider adding their stations to a coverage answer group that rings in whatever the next step is.
    On another note, the vectors above will always immediately route to V1 if both are on a call (i.e. not available). Calls will not queue and route to V1 immediately after the announcement. Not sure if that is by design? If not, add a wait loop.
    To check if both agents are in AUX, I would use expected-wait, which is > 9999 if all agents in a skill are in AUX.

    Marc Hensens
    Sr Systems Engineer Infrastructure
    Northwest Bank
    Warren PA

  • 3.  RE: Automatic Auto-In

    Posted 08-18-2022 08:54 AM
    Hello Daniel,
    I am curious about Aux-out, that normally only shows up, when an agent is on an outbound call, and is therefore busy.
    Is the expectation that the agent's phone would ring with the second call, to let them know that there is a call waiting?
    An agent should only be in Aux, if they are busy doing something else, that they shouldn't be disturbed. Otherwise they should be in an Auto-in state. If they aren't their Management team should set the expectation that they will be.
    There are a number of options available to let the agent know that there are calls in Queue, from standalone wallboards, Avaya EMC (if you have it) has a built in Wallboard that we use, to provide a real-time view to the agents. At the least, you might be able to use a Q-Calls button on their stations so they can get a view that there are calls in skill 63.
    The agents/supervisors should have the tools to manage this, and be responsible for managing it.
    Good Luck working with the team!!

    Cam McLaren
    Sr Telecom technician
    Fallsview Casino Resort