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  • 1.  ACSAUTO Scripts

    Posted 03-14-2024 11:04 AM

    I was looking for a way to extract files with agent group members and login IDs as configured in CMS without using ODBC. I developed two acsauto script files, which are attached if you are interested. (I had to rename them as 'txt' because the site won't permit acsauto file attachments. Just rename them back to 'acsauto'..)

    1.    ExportData-Agent_Group_Members.acsauto consists of two scripts chained together. 
    The first extracts a list of the names of agent groups defined in CMS into a file named Agent_Groups.txt. 
    The second reads the name of each agent group in Agent_Groups.txt and extracts a list of the agent Names and Login IDs comprising the agent group and writes the results in a text file for each agent group's name.

    2.    Export_agent_logins.acsauto extracts a list of agent names and login IDs into a tab delimited text file named agent_logins.txt.

    3.    To use these files on your system, open each one using Notepad.
    •    Change the IP address the one for your CMS: '
    •    Change dpath1 to a path on the PC running this acsauto file
    dpath1 = "C:\mmc\cms1\agent_groups\"
    file1= dpath1 & "agent_logins.txt"

    •    In ExportData-Agent_Group_Members.acsauto:
    •    If you have more than 99 agent groups, change 100 to a number greater than your number of agent groups.
    dim grps(100) 'as array

    John O'Brien

    John O'Brien
    Staten Island NY


  • 2.  RE: ACSAUTO Scripts

    Posted 03-15-2024 09:49 AM

    This works very well, and is extremely helpful! THANK YOU, John!!

    Marc Hensens
    Sr Systems Engineer Infrastructure
    Northwest Bank
    Warren PA