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IAUG 2021 Conference -- Call for Presentations is open!

  • 1.  IAUG 2021 Conference -- Call for Presentations is open!

    Posted 12 days ago
    Hey Everybody!

    We are starting to ramp up the call for speakers process for the 2021 IAUG Engage conference, being held in Orlando this December.  First, I wanted to make sure everybody saw that the call for speakers was open (the announcement was buried in one of the many emails I get), and if you want help with a draft submission, that is due in a few weeks.

    I also wanted to start this thread to ask the community to see if there were any "must have" topics that you would like to see at the conference.  I'll take the list we come up with and try and recruit speakers in my network from Avaya, our business partners and customers to see who can cover them.  A lot of times our more seasoned speakers don't really know what people want to hear about, so they just submit their own passions.

    If you are interested in speaking, please see the page here :

    If you have a topic you want me to recruit, please reply to this thread :)


    -Nick Kwiatkowski

  • 2.  RE: IAUG 2021 Conference -- Call for Presentations is open!

    Posted 11 days ago
    Hello Nick - one topic I'm interested in is SBC's: security and reporting.  We hear more and more about security breaches - how do we best protect our firm from any breaches, especially now with the larger workforce working from home still, and we will likely have a future with a hybrid environment.  Would like to see something beyond the obvious user passcode/pin strengthening - what can we do on the SBC itself without compromise accessibility from legit users?  Also, reporting, alerting - what easy, and automated alerting can be set up on the SBC, where the team managing the equipment would get reports without having to access the SBC every time they want to look at it?  This may be questions many telecom teams out there are wondering about, and due to being too busy, not have had time to dive in to on their own.  Just my two cents, and thank you...

    Cathy Fransson
    Telecommunications Engineer
    Sheppard Mullin Richter Hampton