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  • 1.  Analog to Ethernet Transition Device Needed

    Posted 01-08-2013 06:57 AM


    I have need of a solution that converts an analog facsimile transmission to digital packets that can be transported over a CAT 6 Ethernet link.

    We have a new VoIP, remote office, connected to our switch via fiber between two CISCO routers. We connected the S8730 pair in my main distribution frame (MDF) to one CISCO router which is, in turn connected to the remote CISCO router with an aerial fiber run. All 9608 hard phones in the remote space are connected to the  CISCO router via the cable plant in that space.

    I need some device in the remote distribution frame (RDF) to convert the analog signal from the facsimile machine to Ethernet so I can route the transmission back to my switch. Once back in my MDF, I have two choices: We can either manage the transmission on one of the MedPro boards and send it out over a PRI trunk. Or, we could convert it back to analog with another device and send it out over one of our POTS lines.

    I think using our MedPro capacity would be more cost effective. Your thoughts are most welcome?

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  • 2.  RE: Analog to Ethernet Transition Device Needed

    Posted 01-08-2013 07:13 AM



    So.. is this a single fax machine?  as you have chosen IP for the majority of your endpoints it would appear logical that you would use an Analog Terminal Adaptor (ATA) of some sort to convert analog to IP..  I guess my first question is .. what is the current Avaya environment?  do you have SES or Session Manager?.


  • 3.  RE: Analog to Ethernet Transition Device Needed

    Posted 02-25-2014 01:25 PM


    MultiTech and/or AudioCodes make analog VOIP ocnverters to transport analog ports from your core PBX to remote locations over your LAN or WAN network.  You will need to have a Master unit at your core location and a Remote unit at your remote facility.  Each device will need to be assigned IP address from voice subnet to prioritize voice traffic. The master and remote devices need to be configured to route voice calls to appropriate extension at the farend.  Make sure the ports you connect these devices on your data switch are assigned to voice VLAN. Multitech device models are MVP210 (two port device for Master location- they also have single MVP130 FXO and 8 port devices MVP810) and remote device model is MVP130FXS. You connect an analog port from your core PBX - from an analog TN pack or MM11 or MM716 analog module- to master unit, then connect your fax machine to MVP130FXS at the farend.  Before connecting the fax machine to FXS module at farend test it using and analog phone to make sure Master and Remote analog to VOIP converters are functioning as intended.  MultiTech has very good documentation on their Web Site to help you configuring these devices. Good luck.