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Robocall Barged in to Ongoing Phone Call

  • 1.  Robocall Barged in to Ongoing Phone Call

    Posted 07-01-2021 10:23 PM
    Hello, I'm not sure how to proceed with this issue and am not sure how to handle it - a robocall barged in to a staff member's phone call. I received a call from a staff member who states that her husband called her on his cell phone today around 1:20 pm PST on her Avaya 9611G phone. About 2 minutes in to the call, both of them heard the conversation break up and the County staff member says she then heard dead air, while her husband heard the call click and break up as a robocall message began playing that it was the Administration Offices and that the reason for the call was due to an attempted fraud and to press 1." The staff member and her husband were then re-joined to the call and he did not press 1 :) They checked her husband's call log on his cell phone and the only call during that time when they were talking was indeed the call he made to her @ work. Thoughts? The staff member (and I) are kind of creeped out by this! The staff member actually works in the Office of Administration at the County, so this was really concerning to her that the message played said it was the Administration Offices.

    Thanks in advance for any input!

    Kristin Young
    IT Business Analyst
    Cowlitz County
    Kelso WA