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CMS Supervisor Scripting [Line8](null)

  • 1.  CMS Supervisor Scripting [Line8](null)

    Posted 09-20-2017 08:11 AM
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    I see a lot of posts about this error but haven;t gotten a solution to it yet. What it looks like to me is when I run the script from a bat file the first time it is successful. Any time after that it appears that the first run did something to lock me out of supervisor and I have to get my password reset.

    I am wondering (and I am new) if someone coudl show me if there is a way to use the bat file to open cms supervisor, run the script, log out of cms supervisor and exit the application so that it does not lock me out.

    I have attahed the autoscript as well as the bat file I use to call it


    Thanks in advance


    autoscript_and_cmd.zip   1K 1 version