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Avaya ECHI - interpreting "AGENTSURPLUS" data

  • 1.  Avaya ECHI - interpreting "AGENTSURPLUS" data

    Posted 02-23-2017 11:48 AM

    Hey all,

    Looking for some assistance in interpreting what the "AGENTSURPLUS" data means in the Avaya ECHI field.  The definition is the following:

    Type: integer
    Length: 1 byte
    Description: Whether the call is delivered under agent surplus or call surplus condition.
    ● 0 = NA
    ● 1 = Call surplus: ACD call was routed to the agent after waiting in the queue.
    ● 2 = Agent surplus: ACD call was routed to the agent without waiting in the queue.

    When we looked at our data, however, we observed the following:

    • A substantial portion of calls appear with AGENTSURPLUS = 0 - does that mean that there was a problem in routing the call or anything like that?
    • Does "waiting in the queue" mean that the call was just waiting in queue before it dispositioned at an agent?
    • How does the categorization of "ACD call" work if the call was a direct agent call?

    Would love to learn a bit more and see how we can utilize this field - please let me know what else is there to know!