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AHT calculation - correction

  • 1.  AHT calculation - correction

    Posted 12-20-2016 04:55 PM

    [In my original post on 12/20 I had quoted the wrong AHTs, and they appeared to be the same for both reports.  That is corrected below, showing the discrepancy.]

    One report gives gives AHTs from 6:20-9:53 using this for one skill

    From hsplit tables>   (sum(ACDTIME) + sum(HOLDTIME)) / sum(ACDCALLS) = AHT for interval


    Another report gives gives AHTs from 4:20-6:33 for the same skill, day and times using this

    From hsplit tables>   sum(hsplit.ACDTIME + hsplit.HOLDTIME) / sum(hsplit.ACDCALLS) = AHT for interval


    In the same reports we get totals by interval for ACD calls and Abandoned calls, and those numbers are the same between both reports for each interval.  Why is the AHT so different?  What is the proper way to calculate it (which is correct)?

    The agents do make transfers to other skills.

    We know that ACW is normally in an AHT calculation, but we do not allow it, and reports show that none is actually used.