Why Link Building Matters the Most in SEO Efforts

By Lynn Sanchez posted 01-26-2021 01:25 AM


SEO and link building may be continuously changing, but today the importance of building high-quality links can’t be underestimated. True, there are lots of techniques for building links, but SEO experts know that they need to get link building right if you want to outwit your competitors. 

Get your posts publicized

Links and quality content are important ranking factors for SEO. Inbound links connect pages of the same domain and a high number of internal links pointing to a particular page on your site tells Google that the page is important. 

Our Fit Pets provides useful content to pet owners to help them care for their pets. They publish content related to pets and if you are a pet lover and writer, reputable pet blogs accepting guest posts will get your posts publicized to reach more people. You can even write for their blog and email a submission to them but they list a cool list of pet niche sites you may want to write for. 

If you have your own blog, writing guest posts can gain traffic to your blog and get people interested in the products or services you provide. 

Good content creation

Link building is important for the way Google ranks web pages. The ranking of a website can be improved simply by increasing the number of quality sites that link to their pages. 

Imagine you own a site promoting pet products and services, but so do lots of other people. Google has to determine how to rank your pages and it becomes important then to find out about link building strategies to get external websites to link to your website or blog. Unique, compelling content is one so that people want to reference and link to it.

With good link building, you can build your brand in your pet niche. There are some link building techniques, such as good content creation that shows people your expertise. When you link out, you build incentives for journalists, bloggers and website builders to engage with your site.

What links?

Link building is all about getting other websites to link back to your website and to drive referral traffic. Building links is just one tactic used in search engine optimization as links tell Google that your site is a quality resource. 

Sites with more backlinks do tend to earn higher rankings but the main idea is that the links you provide are to be seen as natural and not as a deliberate attempt at getting backlinks. 

There is a right and wrong way to build links and you need to only build natural links – earning them as opposed to buying them or achieving them through black hat SEO or manipulative tactics. Links from an authoritative website will have a greater impact on your rankings than with a link from a site nobody has heard of. 

Getting external websites to link to yours

There are a number of strategies to get external websites to link to yours, and good content creation is one. You can also rely on the help of a link outreach service that relies on white-hat link building tactics – links that are high quality. 

Did you know that you can also get links from people you know? You just have to remember the importance of remaining within the parameters of your niche, such as pet products or services. 

Another way is to put your products and your blog or website in front of influencers who may well mention you on the likes of social media. Linking is a common practice on the web and it makes a lot of sense to leverage the power of links.