How to Become a Good Guest Post Tech Blogger

By Lynn Sanchez posted 01-18-2021 01:52 PM


Guest blogging is basically a way that most bloggers use to get free traffic and exposure for their blogs and articles. It’s a popular way of building a reputation as an authority in your industry.

However, to become a successful guest post tech blogger isn’t easy given that most technology websites normally have high expectations and requirements for the content they publish on their popular blogs. 

You need to have goals and be prepared to work hard to succeed as a guest post tech blogger. 

In this post, I give you a few tips on how to become a published guest blogger on a good technical blog with the right metrics and benefits that every blogger dreams of getting from guest posting.

  • Define Your Goals

Just liking everything in life you need to initially set your goals so you can know how to chart the path forward. Take time and write down what you want to achieve from your guest blogging. 

Are you looking for more readers, publicity, authority, traffic, or backlink for SEO purposes? Depending on your goals identify several blogs in your industry and analyze them to see how they can help you achieve your goals. 

More importantly, make sure the blog you choose to write for has an audience interested in the kind of topic you cover in your blog. 

When you know what you want from your guest posting activities you’ll be ready to get started.

  • Use the URL to Promote Your Blog

When writing your guest post for a tech blog, focus on how you can use your blog’s URL to showcase the quality of your content. 

Make sure that the owner and readers of the tech blog you're posting on will be interested to see what you regularly publish on your own blog. 

The guest post will show them your writing skills and topics of interest but make sure to have a bio section at the end of the post, complete with your URL or social media links, to make it easier for the audience to find your blog.

  • Show Your Experience in the Industry

It’s also important to talk about your previous posts or articles on relevant topics. Your previous work acts as social proof of your experience in the industry. 

They will also showcase your blogging skills and knowledge. Make your previous posts and articles noticeable in the post.

  • Be Original

Well, of course, everything we write about has already been discussed elsewhere but give your articles a personal touch and make sure they are 100% unique. 

Nobody wants to read posts that have already been published on other sites. 

For a more unique angle create your own viewpoint about popular topics and write about what you know and feel about the topic. Show them your passion and experience with the subject. 

  • Write Follow-Up Articles

If the first article you wrote for the tech blog received a good response and many likes from the blog’s audience then start preparing for another follow-up article. 

The blog owner will readily accept the follow-up article based on the success of your first article. In the follow-up article remember to respond to the feedback you got from the first article.


Becoming a good guest blogger for tech blogs is an ongoing process. Keep refining your writing skills and don’t be discouraged by rejections. 

Just be natural and write in your own voice. Soon enough your work will gradually gain recognition in relevant tech blogs.