Speaker FAQ

When does Call for Speakers open? When are submissions due? 
Call for Speakers at Avaya ENGAGE 2020 opens July 8, 2019. Apply before September 12, 2019 for consideration.

How many speaking slots are available?

When we start the process, we typically plan out 120-150 speaking slots. However, based on session submissions and what is trending in the industry this may change each event.

What speaking opportunities are open?
 What are the different types of sessions? There are two main types of sessions that have open speaking opportunities at Avaya ENGAGE: regular 60-minute Customer/Partner led breakout sessions and 90-minute Avaya led Roadmap Sessions.

We are also always open to the idea of innovative talks, lightning rounds, and panel sessions. Submitters should be very explicit in their submission as to the type of session they are suggesting. Detail is important.

How are sessions selected?

A first level review by the Conference Planning Committee occurs for all submissions. Submissions are then passed along to a second level reviewer for further vetting. We are tasked with creating a program filled with content that will be compelling, interesting, fresh, and actionable for attendees of Avaya ENGAGE. We look for innovative formats, complete submissions, and unique perspectives. Submissions should not be repeats of presentations made elsewhere and anything that even smells a little bit like a sales pitch will not make it through the review process.

How do I increase my odds of getting selected?

Each year we receive more submissions than we can accept. While there are some repeat presenters (only those top rated by attendees), we do seek to ensure the majority of our speakers and presentations are brand new for each conference.  

If you’re interested in applying, we need well-thought-out, complete, unique submissions. Content that is intermediate to advanced scores the best—this audience is well beyond entry-level definitions. And don’t shy away from lively discussion—this is a forum for industry collaboration, and debates and out-of-the-box thinking are appreciated. Challenge the audience with unconventional thinking.

What are the main reasons sessions don’t get selected?

Believe it or not the #1 reason is incomplete submissions—the session detail portion of the submission is the most important piece of the entire submission. Sales pitches are also extremely easy to spot, and we are quick to eliminate them from consideration. We also get a lot of very similar submissions, and with a limited number of sessions we can select.  We try to select the sessions and the presenters that we think best address the topic. And remember: Avaya ENGAGE conferences bring together a sophisticated, senior-level audience. Basic sessions don’t make the cut, nor do past presenters who’ve been poorly evaluated by attendees.

What resources does Avaya ENGAGE offer to speakers?

We take great pride in creating a solid peer-to-peer educational offering. Our conferences provide you with the opportunity to network, connect, and collaborate with your peers in a setting unlike any other. Use this opportunity not only to share your own success and challenges you’ve overcome, but also inspire others who are currently in your same position.

As a speaker you’ll be provided with a full conference pass.

How do I submit my proposal to become a speaker?

To begin your conference submission click here.  If you have not submitted a proposal in the last year you will need to create an account (please follow the directions on the submission website).  If you submitted for Avaya ENGAGE 2019 you can utilize your same speaker login. Instructions on how to reset your password can be found on the submission site.


If you are yet to submit your session abstract for review, please keep in mind these helpful tips:

  1. Focus on 1-2 key product components you would like to highlight
  2. Describe what product gap exists and how your presentation fills the gap. Ask yourself “how will I verbalize to the audience how to fill the gap”. 
  3. Remember to set the stage.