brooke pusey
    [coldwell banker residential brokerage]
    We are running a pair of S8700 servers with 14 remote G350/700's with S8300's acting as LSP's. We have a mix of 2400 series (400) and 4600 series (350). At a remote site with a G700, I try installing an old 4610 SW IP, "Wrong Set Type" will appear and the phone will just keep rebooting.

    The following happens:
    1. Intializing...
    2. Loading:11 secs
    3. Starting...
    4. 100Mbps Ethernet
    *to program
    5. DHCP 4secs
    6. 100Mbps Ethernet
    7. DHCP 2secs
    8. TFTP:1
    *to program
    9. 46xxsetting.txt
    13KB received
    11. Registering....
    # to Reset

    I even try to press * during the and then ENTER COMMAND will be displayed. Then I try HOLD 73738 # (reset) and I still have no luck).

    Maybe it is just a bad unit.
    Chris Birckhead
    Is the 4600 firmware loaded on the tftp server?
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    It may be too obvious, but I would give it a try ..

    Did you check the type assigned to the extension ? I had the same problem a while ago and I was trying to login a 46XX phone on a 24XX configured station ..

    Hope it helps
    brooke pusey
    [coldwell banker residential brokerage]
    EWM: 2.8 is loaded on the TFTP server.

    lmartini: We do have hybrid sites where agents move offices and switch from IP 4600 sets to DCP 2400 sets. My problem is that I want to completely reset the phone. Instead I think the IP phone is trying to the user settings that used to be associated with that phone. Avaya should have a way to reset an IP phone. Also, if I move users, I make sure to change the set type when making any changes.
    brooke pusey
    [coldwell banker residential brokerage]
    Thanks for the replies. I brought the phone back to the main site today. For some reason, after about 5 minutes of seeing "WRONG SET TYPE" and entering HOLD 73738 # several times, the phone is now asking me to "Enter Extension and Press #". (CORRECT) I think what may happen is when we have an agent leave our company the Management wants that extension removed immediately. So instead of actually pressing the "Log Off" button on the phone, I have to remove the extension through ASA. Then when the phone reboots, I think it is trying to retore the user database. In the meantime, I may have assigned the old extension to a new agent and their phone could happen to be a DCP set (2410). :)
    Antonio Guerra
    After receiving the "Wrong Set Type" error with IP phones running with Firmware 2.9 and above, just wait for the IP phone to time out after 4-5 minutes and prompt you to enter a new extension. It also gives you feedback on what extension it was trying to login so you can correct it on CM. Example below:

    Avaya 4621 IP Telephone
    Enter Extension and Press #

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