Apr 23

    Need CSU Recommendation for E-1 in London

    Philip Hamlin
    [Excel Systems Inc]
    I'm trying to help someone turn up an E-1 in London, I'm in the USA. The circuit is for voice and I want to terminate it into a MM710 E-1 Module. I just figured out that I cannot use the integrated csu functionality when configuring the blade for E-1 speeds. (Just learned the lesson about assuming things again!)

    So, I think I need to get a CSU sourced locally in London and have it configured properly and cabled properly to the MM710.

    Advice please.
    Ram Global
    Hello there...
    were you able to hookup the E1 with integrated CSU?

    I am also running with similar issues with configuring E1(ISDN-PRI) in the Bulgaria, Europe.

    not sure whether we can use CSU(interated or other) with E1. or i may need to use normal amphenol telco cable
    Philip Hamlin
    [Excel Systems Inc]
    No CSU needed, just had to get the DS1 programmed properly. I received the assistance of a local BP in London. He saved my hide and I can get you his contact info if you need it.

    Here's a copy of the DS1 form:

    display ds1 1v3

    Location: 001V3 Name: G-X E-1
    Bit Rate: 2.048 Line Coding: hdb3

    Signaling Mode: isdn-pri
    Connect: network
    TN-C7 Long Timers? n Country Protocol: etsi
    Interworking Message: PROGress Protocol Version: b
    Interface Companding: alaw CRC? y
    Idle Code: 01010100
    DCP/Analog Bearer Capability: 3.1kHz

    T303 Timer(sec): 4

    Slip Detection? y Near-end CSU Type: other

    Echo Cancellation? n

    Ram Global
    Thank you very much…I was searching for this settings.
    Could you pls send me the signaling and trunk parameters to my e-mail id [email][login to unmask email]/email]

    So, you used normal 50pin amphenol cable( its same telco cable we use for digital/analog cards) to connect the DS1 and

    Thank you

    All Times America/New_York

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