Apr 23

    Need CSU Recommendation for E-1 in London

    Philip Hamlin
    [Excel Systems Inc]
    I'm trying to help someone turn up an E-1 in London, I'm in the USA. The circuit is for voice and I want to terminate it into a MM710 E-1 Module. I just figured out that I cannot use the integrated csu functionality when configuring the blade for E-1 speeds. (Just learned the lesson about assuming things again!)

    So, I think I need to get a CSU sourced locally in London and have it configured properly and cabled properly to the MM710.

    Advice please.
    Rams A
    Hello there...
    were you able to hookup the E1 with integrated CSU?

    I am also running with similar issues with configuring E1(ISDN-PRI) in the Bulgaria, Europe.

    not sure whether we can use CSU(interated or other) with E1. or i may need to use normal amphenol telco cable
    Philip Hamlin
    [Excel Systems Inc]
    No CSU needed, just had to get the DS1 programmed properly. I received the assistance of a local BP in London. He saved my hide and I can get you his contact info if you need it.

    Here's a copy of the DS1 form:

    display ds1 1v3

    Location: 001V3 Name: G-X E-1
    Bit Rate: 2.048 Line Coding: hdb3

    Signaling Mode: isdn-pri
    Connect: network
    TN-C7 Long Timers? n Country Protocol: etsi
    Interworking Message: PROGress Protocol Version: b
    Interface Companding: alaw CRC? y
    Idle Code: 01010100
    DCP/Analog Bearer Capability: 3.1kHz

    T303 Timer(sec): 4

    Slip Detection? y Near-end CSU Type: other

    Echo Cancellation? n

    Rams A
    Thank you very much…I was searching for this settings.
    Could you pls send me the signaling and trunk parameters to my e-mail id [email][login to unmask email]/email]

    So, you used normal 50pin amphenol cable( its same telco cable we use for digital/analog cards) to connect the DS1 and

    Thank you

    All Times America/New_York

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