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    Network Management - Software Update Manager

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    Good Morning Everyone,

    Long time, no post......

    I have an interesting issue. I'm trying to install and configure the AIM Network Management Suite 3.1 and I can't seem to get the SUM to detect any devices.

    As an overview, I'm installing the suite on a Win 2K3 Standard Edition SP1 server, and trying to manage 5 switches running at the following releases:

    R012x. (3) - All running on S8710's
    R013x.01.2.632.1 (1) - Running on S8700
    R013x.01.3.640.2 (1) - Running on S8700

    When installing the suite, I usually do so in the following order:

    1. Configure SNMP agents on the Media Servers (v1 & v3).
    2. Configure SNMP traps on the Media Servers.
    3. Configure login accounts for the application with super-user permissions.
    4. Set SNMP v1 Community string in the 46xxsettings file.
    5. Install the following Network Management Tools:
    - Network Management Console
    - Avaya Secure Access Administration
    - Avaya Address Manager
    - Required Components (e.g. Apache & Launch Page).
    - Software Update Manager
    - Voice Device Integration
    - Device Managers (all)
    6. Specify SNMP v3 login with authentication and privacy passwords.
    7. Specify users for SCP configuration.
    8. Run through the Network Configuration Wizard.
    9. Restart the Server.
    10. Let the Network Discovery finish.
    11. Apply Software Update 3.
    12. Restart the server.
    13. Apply DST patch.
    14. Restart the server.
    15. Install Administration tools and configure for launching with scripts.
    16. Restart Server.
    17. Restart the SNMP agents on the CM 3 switches.
    18. Start the Network Management Console.
    19. Perform another network discovery.

    Here are the issues that I'm having.

    - The NMC is properly recognizing the CM 2.x (S8710) switches and interfaces, and is building the appropriate branch.

    - The NMC is will see the CM 3.x (S8700) switches but will not detect the interfaces (e.g. CLANs & VALs) correctly.

    - Avaya Secure Access does not show any available devices. Does this application solely look for switching products?

    - Software Update Manager will attempt to discover specified devices (e.g. TN Cicruit Packs), but will not display any in the Targets window. This is interesting because in the status bar, you will see devices being detected. Per the published tech note, I created the software library specifying TFTP & SCP and specified the appropriate user, password, and path.

    From the server, I am noticing that when the Network Management Services attempt to start, it does so but there are usually a few error entries in the event viewer pertaining to the cvserver service.

    If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions, I would be greatful to hear any feedback!
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    I have also been try to get this working. As with you it would detect my 3.1 s8500 but put it's clans in the "other" branch. It would not put anything in the SUM targets after detecting. Which account are you giving super user access? acpsnmp?
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    I too am having the same issue with the 3.1 CLAN's being placed in the "Other" branch.

    With regard to the account, I created a specific account with super user access.
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    This has been somewhat resolved. Here are the details:

    We have two switches in our network that were recently upgraded to CM 3.x. One was upgraded to 3.1.2, the other was upgraded to 3.1.3. In both cases, the "void" acpsnmp login from CM2.x upgrade was not carried forward to CM3.x.

    This prevented the NMC from being able to properly associate the CM3.x switch applicable adjuncts and interfaces. In both cases, Avaya had to recreate the "void" acpsnmp login accounts on each PBX.

    From a 3.1.2 perspective, everything is associating correctly.

    From a 3.1.3 perspective, the PBX shows that it should have CLANs and VALs, but they still are not associating correctly. Avaya is still looking into this.

    From a SUM perspective, the SUM application will now preoperly recognize the TN circuit packs from these switches.
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    Along these same lines, I have Network Management Console v3.1.12 and I am unable to sniff out any of our 4610SW IP phones (as well as some of our 4602s) with IP Discovery. I was told to add the following lines to the 46xxsettings.txt file:

    SET SNMPADD ipaddress of NMC server
    SET SNMPSTRING snmp community name

    I did that, busy/released a 4610SW IP phone, did another IP discovery on the subnet that includes the phone, and still I am finding nothing.

    Any help would be appreciated!

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