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    problems doing a blind transfer to another extension in the building.

    upon an incoming PRI call, by pressing the transfer button, when the far end answers, the call disconnects.

    these are not IP phones, standard 5420's

    the ip office version is 3.2
    James Perry
    [All Business Communications]
    I have a an issue close to this one. All my calls go to the AA and when callers Press option 3 on occasion the call will drop. I can see the call in Debug and the sys monitor but no abnormal Disconnect code.

    Have you got any response to your problem?
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    This is what I got back from Avaya.

    Why is the LINE setting in the IPOffice set for connection to a DMS100? Is this true?

    Have you checked this recently with the carrier/provider?

    Recommend you call and open case with carrier/provider and double-check their C.O. switch settings.

    New Install?

    Quick check of the trace shows the carrier disconnecting the call when the transfer action is completed.
    See enclosed and search (Edit > Find)

    1)*** Call incoming to IPOffice
    1)a*** Call setup to extn 126 (in HG)
    2)*** Extn 126 answers call
    3)*** Extn126 starts transfer call
    4)*** Extn 126 release call - to transfer function
    5)*** Extn 106 answers call
    6)*** IPOffice receives disconnect from carrier switch

    IPOffice then disconnects call (normal after receiving a disconnect for the call from carrier)
    Have you changed anything with carrier lately?
    From trace sent does not appear to be IPOffice issue.
    James Perry
    [All Business Communications]
    I thought am waiting to see what Avaya says..

    The only cause I see dif other than 16 Normal call clearing is Cause=124, Answered By Other(IPO)

    And can not find anything out about this.
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    this was fixed by changing the switch type to NI2 and the carriers switch to NI2 also.

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