Stephan Roesgen
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    i´ve following question regarding policy routing tables. I created a base vdn, which points to a policy routing table. In this policy routing table i point to three different vdns. Type is percentage and period: 100-count. I can successfully see, that calls routed to the three different vdns on the configured percentage settings.

    But i´m not shure how the skill settings of the vdns have to be. One example:

    I haven´t configured a skill on the base vdn, because i wan´t to use the skill settings in the route-to-vnds. For example the route-to-vdn1 has the skill 1, route-to-vdn2 has the skill 2 and so on. But this doesn´t work. I´ve to configure one of the skills on the base-vdn,  then the call is routed to the agent. Can´t i use the skill settings in the route-to-vdns?



    Richard Chandler
    Check you have VDN override set to yes to use the downstream VDNs skill settings.
    Stephan Roesgen
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    Hi Richard,

    that was the problem. After settings VDN override on the base vdn everything works as aspected! Thanks.

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