Stephan Roesgen
    [Hawesko GmbH]


    i´ve following question regarding policy routing tables. I created a base vdn, which points to a policy routing table. In this policy routing table i point to three different vdns. Type is percentage and period: 100-count. I can successfully see, that calls routed to the three different vdns on the configured percentage settings.

    But i´m not shure how the skill settings of the vdns have to be. One example:

    I haven´t configured a skill on the base vdn, because i wan´t to use the skill settings in the route-to-vnds. For example the route-to-vdn1 has the skill 1, route-to-vdn2 has the skill 2 and so on. But this doesn´t work. I´ve to configure one of the skills on the base-vdn,  then the call is routed to the agent. Can´t i use the skill settings in the route-to-vdns?



    Richard Chandler
    Check you have VDN override set to yes to use the downstream VDNs skill settings.
    Stephan Roesgen
    [Hawesko GmbH]

    Hi Richard,

    that was the problem. After settings VDN override on the base vdn everything works as aspected! Thanks.

    krogman kathleen

    In today's high routine internetworks, organizations require the freedom to realize packet forwarding and routing according to their own distinct policies in a method that goes past traditional routing protocol concerns. Where administrative issues speak that transfer be routed during exact paths, policy-based routing.

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