Youssef Abdalla
    i have a big problem with my G450,
    we have only a G450 in my site and the s8300 is another site and their is many gateways in many sites and no one of them have this problem

    during the day , their is no dial tone at all in all the site for may be 5 min and after that everything works fine but this repeat everyday

    and sometimes their is a dial tone and i could call other extensions
    but we couldn't hear each other at all or may be the call dropped after the other side answer the call

    we noticed also , during this hang problem we received calls normally from another sites but we couldn't make calls internally (in the same site) or to make calls to other site .

    so anyone have explanation for that , and have a good vision to whats happening ?
    Gary Rogerson
    [Fluor Corporation]
    I have more questions than answers at this point, but I can say regarding audio and or ringing; I would check your IP Network Regions configuration. Specifically you want to make sure where your DSP resources are setup in the NRs, IP-CODECs used between and such.

    Are your IP Phones registering to main CM servers running Processor Ethernet, or CLANS in a Port Network(s)? Also are all your sites under one CM or several independent CMs connected with H.323 (IP) Trunks?
    Youssef Abdalla
    the configuration is made by an avaya partner as follows

    every site in different network region and the codec used between the same site is g7.11 and between multisite is as follows
    g7.29 i don't understand why is configured like that ?
    is the system will use g7.29 when the wan link is busy or what ?
    i dunno the configuration to specify the DSP for each region , where i could see that ?

    all the ip phone registered to the main CM and their are some sites have LSP and other sites have only Media gateway.

    this problem is only in one site , not all .

    any others required information ?
    Stephen Frank
    Codecs in a list just mean it will pick the first codec that both phone support. Which is going to always g.711 unless for some reason you have a device or another system that doesnt support g.711 then it will use 729.

    I think what he means is make sure your media gateways are assigned to network regions and that the appropirate codec is being used for calls between those regions. Really the main thing to think about here is bandwidth.

    At that site with the gateway that is troublesome could you login to the G450 and run a show faults? Also what CM version and what Firmware version are the G450's on? You can check that from CM via the list conf software and list media-gateway
    Max Barker
    A few questions:

    Is the G450 running 31.x FW?
    Are the phones and G450 (providing dialtone) on the same subnet?

    If 'yes' to both then you should disable IP ARP inspection as per the nice little video on You Tube...
    Marvin Sanidad

    I have experienced a similar problem with G450.

    First is that, I intermittently hear my announcement then afterwards one way speech path only (This is for both internal and external calls, I hear the caller but the caller can't hear me)

    I was able to resolve this issue by immediately upgrading the G450's firmware into latest version. By the way, my CM version is 6.1

    Hope this could you...
    Scott D Williams
    [Mouser Electronics, Inc.]

    Many questions::confused:

    Are these outages at the same time every day?
    Does it happen only once per day?
    Do the phones ever reboot?
    Is there a corresponding outage on the network?
    Is there an admin/script resetting the ip-network-region or the gateway? I know I've made that mistake before :)

    Sorry no answers, yet...

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