Jul 31

    Definity V6 to V9.5 upgrade problem.

    Bruce Herb
    [Walt Medak & Associates]
    Yes, I know, very old system. But it does what our customer needs it to do. I've done these types of upgrades many, many times, but never ran into this problem. One station, and one station only (x8732), will not work after upgrading. The station in question is programmed as a 7406+ in the V6 version and works fine. After upgrading to V8, it still works fine. However, after upgrading to 9.5, it does not work. None of the lights on the phone work, no dial tone, and testing the port results in several failed tests. x-porting that extension number and putting another extension on that port works fine. Lights, dial tone, port tests are all good with all the same hardware in place.
    I've tried removing the station before doing the upgrades. Same result. I tried removing the station and adding 8732 as a different type of object (VDN, hunt group, etc...) and then upgrading. After the upgrade, remove whatever object 8732 was and added it back as a digital (7406+) station. Does not work. Tried it as a 6408 type set on the appropriate circuit pack. Does not work. However, adding 8732 as an analog station works fine.

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