Robert Blanch
    Hello all,

    Major issue that is really bugging me -
    G450/S8300 server.
    CM 5.2.1
    Analogue/IP phones...

    Here are my symptoms for an issue that is really starting to annoy me:

    • Calling party to internal/external parites hear no dial tone on initial phone pickup
    • Ringing internally, calling party hears no ring back.
    • Calls into the office over the IP trunk have no ringback tone.
    • Calls inbound via T1/E1 trunks do hear ringback.
    • No annoucements can be heard, but when ringing the announcement directly, call will connect and then stay until the length of the announcement has played.
    • No service observe tones or VOA/Whisper beeps.....

    So, I am wondering if anyone has any ideas or what it could possibly be???? I am thinking voip-dsp resources in the G450, but that is a very uneducated guess.... any assistance would be appreciated.

    Fault has been logged with Avaya, but they want to swap out the Gateway, but wishing to avoid that if possible.

    john mazis
    could you check voip-dsp resources with test command??
    with status everything ok?

    analog phones get dial tone normally??
    juik chang teng
    log in to media gateway as root and check the ip arp inspection. Suggest you to disable the arp inspection to " no ip-arp inspection "
    Robert Blanch
    Thanks guys for the assistance... Unfortunately some management types jumped in on the call and demanded Avaya reset the box, due to the company losing money (which they werent really, because calls were still coming in)....

    So, we didnt have time to go through and do the testing or checks, but the help is appreciated.
    y a
    Also if any data switches have been replaced recently, the switch MAC and IP may have been cached in Avaya Gateway. Clear the ARP Cache and reduce ARP cache timeout to match that of network data switches. by default it's set to 4hrs.

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