Mar 27

    cannot login as agent on newly installed system

    Tibor Marchyn

    i'm beginner on avaya so sorry for easy question.

    I cannot login as agent on phone via fac.

    list trace station 6011 Page 1


    time data

    18:46:26 TRACE STARTED 03/27/2012 CM Release String
    18:46:29 G711A ss:off ps:60
    rgn:1 []:2182
    rgn:1 []:2070
    18:46:34 dial *14~ 6111#
    18:46:34 term station 6111 cid 0x3
    18:46:36 denial event 1040: ACD login failed D1=0x8ca0 D2=0x3
    18:46:39 idle station 6011 cid 0x3

    i tried to find some solutions but nothing helps. I have CC Elite license for 5 agents and EAS.

    no agents is logged in because i've just setup it.

    Richard Chandler
    I assume the agent ID you are testing is 6111. EAS needs to be set up in system features. Can you post the System Features pages for call center system parameters, your hunt group form and the agent login page 1 and 2 please?
    Juan Cardoza
    What is 6111? It looks like that number is an extension not an ACD login.
    Could you please list extension-type 6111 and paste the information into the forum?
    Kind regards

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